Technology in the Wizarding World

Probably most importantly to you, considering the medium you’re using to read this article, is the fact that technology is essentially frozen in the wizarding world. It exists, sure. There are trains and cars and glasses and clocks. But the technology the wizards have hasn’t kept up to the muggle world, ostensibly because the wizards haven’t seen a reason to do so. But just take the simple pen. Wizards don’t appear to use pens, at all. Why? Quills are vastly inferior, and there’s no reason given as to why they would be better for magic. Feathers from animals like a phoenix of course have magical properties, but the quills that students and even adult wizards use for all their writing on parchment aren’t special in that way either. While we’re on that tangent; parchment? Inferior in every way to paper: harder to preserve and store, harder to make, and harder to write on. Incantations are never written to be cast, so parchment only serves to record written things, not to actually cast magic. Why hasn’t the wizarding world updated these simple technologies? Why haven’t they adopted the computer for record keeping, at least as a backup? Casting spells shouldn’t have to be rote memory, if you could just have them at your fingertips as easily as a song on your phone. That’s why you’d hate being a wizard: cast all the spells you want, because there’s none of the technology to drown out the horrifying realities of magic.