What Harry Potter Has Taught Us

It has been twenty years since the first Harry Potter book was released book was released. Harry Potter is a part of the life of almost every young person today. It has been adapted into movies and is loved by billions around the world.


It has been said that the publishers rejected it twelve times before it became published. The author Joanne Rowling was advised to use the name J. K. Rowling to avoid giving an impression that the writer was female. Despite all this, the book became a tremendous success and her work made her one of the richest writers in the world.


There are a lot of things that this amazing book series can teach us. Below are some of the top lessons that I have drawn from the series.



  • Friendships are valuable



Throughout the adventure Harry always had Hermione and Ron to accompany him and help him face all the challenges. If he didn’t have his friends along with him, he would have died in the first book itself. For him, friendship made a huge difference.


True friends help you out in tough times. With close friends like Ron and Hermione, harry could overcome all the challenges of his life. Be it Dementors and Death Eaters, or teenage life issues like relationship problems and school exams. Harry potter proved to us that you can overcome anything if you have true friends by your side.



  • Always believe in yourself



Belief in yourself is the key to success. This is especially true when no one else believes in you. And no other story teaches this better than harry potter. The best example is when Ron thought he had Harry’s liquid luck during the Quidditch match. In reality, he didn’t have it. But just because of the belief he played better than expected and felt confident.


The belief in yourself is a form of bravery itself. It gives you the confidence you need and it helps you think positively and puts you in the success mindset.



  • Face your fears



It is scary right? I get it. But to get what you want, you need to face your fears. In the second part of the series “harry potter and the chamber of secrets”, Ron had to follow the spiders to find the answer to rescuing Hermione from her stunned state even though he was terrified of spiders himself.


Another example is when harry had to learn to use the Patronus to protect himself and other people from the destructive power of the Dementor’s kiss.


In our own lives too, we all are terrified to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. But that is exactly what needs to be done to ensure maximum personal growth and to achieve our goals of good health, wealth and satisfying relationships.



  • Money doesn’t buy happiness



This is a cliche, but it is not any less true nonetheless. Money solves your money problems, but not it is not everything. In the series, harry inherited a big vault of gold from his parents. It is true that he had tremendous wealth and status with him, but at the cost of what? The family itself. If give a choice between his family and all the wealth he had, what do you think he would have chosen? There you have the answer.