10 Little Known Facts About Harry Potter That You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. The secret behind the brooms

The brooms used for the Harry Potter were not any normal brooms. They were actually made by the modeler Pierre Bohanna with the using the aircraft-grade titanium. Eddie Newquist, a chief creative officer of the Global Entertainment Services firm said, “People think of them as a prop the kids are carrying around, but in reality, they have to sit on them.” Global Entertainment Services is the one behind the VFX of the Harry Potter films. He further added, “they have to be mounted onto motion-control bases for green-screen shots and special-effects shots, so they have to be very thin and incredibly durable. Most of these kids weighed 80 pounds, 90 pounds. Now they’re all adults, so they’re up over 120, 130 pounds, and you have to really make sure your brooms can withstand that.”


  1. Rowling Shot Down One of Cuaron’s ideas

We can write a big list the ideas Rowling took down. The popularity of them has to be the one where Rowling had to shut down one of the Cuaron’s ideas. This was actually written into the Prisoner of Azkaban, which in the words of Rowling called rather bizarre. She says, “I think Flitwick was conducting, and there were miniature people in an orchestra inside something.” Speaking on how this was explained to Radcliffe, “I said to him, but why? I know it’s visually exciting, but part of what I think fans really enjoyed about the literary world is that there was a logic that underpinned it. There was always a logic to the magic, however strange it became. And I know it’s intriguing to go through the mouth of whatever it was and see these little people, but why have they done it? For you to film it, that’s just what it feels like. Normally, with the magic, there’s a point. So we had a bit of discussion.”



  • The actors couldn’t play contact sports


Yes, it is True. The matter of the fact is that most of the actors are not sports players. They used to play Gold, though. Actor Oliver Phelps, who played the role of George Weasley told the EW, and who resides in Boca Raton, FL that, “I mean, I say driving range, but it was a mat and a 150-yard cone at the other end. Golf was one of the only sports we were allowed to do in our contract because it was relatively quite safe. We couldn’t do any contact sports.”


  1. Harry Potter Album. Did you see that coming?

Yes, there might have been an actual Harry Potter Album, but the author Rowling had turned it down. Just like she took down many ideas related to Harry Potter. The list of the ideas that took down by Rowling was many. One of them is to bring out an album including the songs in the Harry Potter. The reasons to not take this idea up might be many, among which one of them could the thought the album might distract the readers and the movie lovers from the key plot and the focus might be totally taken over by the musicians. However, there are the soundtracks for the film available officially and on the internet as well.


This is all of us. We know we did miss many. If you know any of them, comment down your thoughts.