Harry Potter

Everyone who’s read the Harry Potter book series has likely thought at one time or another how amazing it would be to live in that world. What house you would be in, what spells you would use, the potions that you could create, and of course all the magical creatures you’d encounter. But a lot of people seem to gloss over the more disturbing implications of the Harry Potter universe. We see the Death Eaters abuse their magical power in the most obvious ways, but often the worst parts of being a wizard are ignored or brushed off by the heroes of the story. It’s understandable; not everyone in the book has time to really think critically about all of it, and it wouldn’t be fun to read about Harry’s doubts about magic while he fights Voldemort. But since we’re in the real world, let’s take a moment to break down why you might not actually want to be a wizard, or even live in the same world as them.

Remember the love potion that was accidentally slipped to Ron instead of Harry? Not only was Ron heavily in love with (and fiercely jealous over) Romilda Vane well after ingesting the potion, but he could barely function. He was essentially slipped a date rape drug on steroids, and it didn’t wear off normally – they had to have a medical professional treat him. And all this was just treated as a love potion gone wrong, purely because it missed its intended target. Love potions aren’t hard to get, either. They’re marketed to students as a 24-hour aid to get with someone romantically, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a legitimate use for it. It just seems like an awful potion that only exists to be used to abuse others.


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