How a Mother’s Love Saved the World Three Times Over

In the world of Harry Potter, love is hailed time and time again as one of the most powerful magic in the world. Love in all of its forms–romantic, platonic, familial, and more–are shown to be clear victors over malice and evil. Among all of this, JK Rowling chose one specific form of love to be the most powerful and effective. One specific form of love overcame so much opposition and formidable enemies to save the world not just once, but three separate times: the love of a mother for her child.

Starting with the very first act of love in the storyline, Lily Potter sacrificed her own life so baby Harry could live. This act of love placed a protection so strong on Harry that not even Voldemort could break it; his killing curse backfired and ripped him from his body to wander as a vicious spirit for the next thirteen years. For the rest of that time, Harry was protected by Lily’s blood that ran through his veins, making it physically painful for Voldemort to touch him. Only when Voldemort resurrected himself with Harry’s blood did that protection fade, and even then, not all the way–the protection of Lily’s love remained with her sister Petunia. As long as Harry stayed with his aunt every summer, Voldemort would not be able to find him–such was the protection his mother’s love gave him.

Next, Narcissa Malfoy. Dragged deeper and deeper into Voldemort’s inner circle after his return to power, she found confidence and clarity in a single mission to save her son. Everything she did was a calculated move to protect Draco. In the end, her dedication to her son overcame even her dedication to the Dark Lord. When asked whether or not Harry was dead, Narcissa Malfoy, golden mother that she was, looked straight into Lord Voldemort’s eyes and lied to him. She told him “yes.” She sacrificed her life in lying to one of the most powerful mind readers of the wizarding world all for the chance to get back to the castle and find her son. It was this lie that saved Harry’s life and allowed him to return the castle and stand up in his final square off against Voldemort.

Finally, the love that Molly Weasley had for her daughter. Her only daughter, Ginny, was locked in a fierce duel with Voldemort’s right-hand follower, Bellatrix Lestrange. Killing curses flew dangerously close to her skin every second. Without a second thought, Molly charged to defend her only daughter, sending spells flying so forcefully and quickly that everyone around her was stunned. In the end, it was Bellatrix dead on the floor of Hogwarts castle and Molly alive and well to hold her youngest child. With his most powerful ally gone, Voldemort was that much weaker before his ultimate demise.

Not all mothers in the Harry Potter universe were stellar; Rowling made sure to showcase the good along with the bad. Still, these three shining examples of motherhood and sacrifice show how truly earth-shattering the love of a mother can be.

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